Performance Training

In-Person Performance Training For All Athletes

Mobility, Injury Prevention, & Strength Training

Group Training

Group strength training can hold up to 4 individuals per session. Allotted times are available for Elite group, as well as Middle School & Under groups. Private group training is also available with a pre-selected group (You may pick your own group of 2+ athletes)

Individual Training

Individual strength training involves high-level programming, specific to the athletes needs, with full 1-on-1 attention. These sessions are individuality programmed, and offer the full scope of athletic performance. (Injury Prevention, Strength, & Recovery)

Classes/Additional Services

Classes are offered weekly, and focus more on additional service that assist with athlete performance training. Our most popular class is Kinstretch, which is solely dedicated to improving athlete mobility through functional range conditioning.

TJL Training Facility

109 Industrial Ave E Unit 6 Lowell, MA 01852 United States