Four Lessons From my 500 Square Foot Apartment

“A Book Is Your Best Friend”

When the silence creeps and we wish to be productive, there is nothing more insightful than a good book. To leave anywhere without a book is expecting to be constantly stimulated, and in todays age of distraction a book is truly your best friend. When there are friends around, or no conversation to be had, all you need to do is pull out a book to speak with the greatest minds who have ever lived. We can trace back in time to pick the minds of some of the most brilliant humans who have ever lived, and to me that’s pretty awesome. I’ll never have an empty book shelf in my house again, I wish you never do.

“Company is nice, but good friends are priceless”

When you live in a small space, or you are fortunate enough to live on your own, you understand that there is a difference between friendly conversation and deep conversation. You don’t know who your real friends are until you sit in a small room with them and don’t feel any need to speak. You can just enjoy the silence. This also helped me realize one thing, small isn’t a bad thing, it can be the starting point to understanding the things that hold true value to us. If there are any relationships you hold true to you, and you know you could withstand them in the walls of a small apartment, thats a relationship that should be cherished.

“Even though you live alone, you never know who you’ll inspire”

In the confinements of a small space you are forced to create depth, use the resources that you have, and make meaning out of them. You appreciate the small ends of the world, and regardless of familiarity, you can always ignite a deep conversation with anyone surrounding you. We don’t need to be confined to the small spaces that we live, we can create something much bigger than the walls that we live. In small areas we can create strong relationships, strong foundations, and strong dreams which are bigger than the current reality of our life. There are no limits, just boundaries we eventually become comfortable with and then surpass when the time comes.

“You can’t ignore that voice in your head”

If you haven’t gotten the theme by now, small areas bring out the true colors in all of us. One of those things is that little voice in your head. You simply just can’t ignore it. My 500 square foot apartment allowed me to understand that voice, but more importantly it taught me how to live with it. It taught me I can control it, and when it tells me there is something I can’t do, I don’t have to listen to it. The best thing is between the three things mentioned above, a book, good friends, and the aspiration to inspire, you can create an inner voice that becomes your best friend in your darkest hour. So, if you’re ever alone and you hear that voice creeping in, don’t seek distraction. Attempt to understand that voice, and if its speaking negative, just know you don’t have to listen to it. You create your own reality.

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