My Tips For Mastering Productivity

Productivity is less about what you do with your time. And more about how you run your mind.

– Rob Sharma

Wake Up Early

The early morning hours are filled with full brain capacity from a nights rest, limited distractions, and quiet discussion of our own minds. We live in an age where distractions are plentiful, and it takes more energy to avoid them instead of caving into them.

This is why waking up early is so powerful. While the majority of the world sleeps, social media feeds are dead, and the only thing active is your mind. Undistracted hours like these are so hard to come by, so let’s look at how much we can gain by waking up 2 hours earlier.

2 hours earlier each day comes out to 14 hours a week. An extra 14 hours a week gives us an extra 728 hours a year to be productive with no distractions. To put that into measurable terms, 728 hours equates to an extra 30 days of work. You read that right, an extra month a year to do the things you are passionate about. You are literally multiplying your time.

Say goodbye to 12 months a year, you now have yourself 13 months.

Make Your Habits Attractive

Good habits don’t need to be difficult. However, if we get creative we can make them pretty much irresistible. Let’s use exercise for example. Most times its not the workout we crave, its the feeling we get after, the stylish clothes we wear, or the relationships we have in the gym.

So think about it like this, its not working out thats the habit, its the habit of socializing, wearing your fashionable workout clothes, and catching up with great people. All of a sudden working out has become a habit you enjoy, and thats all because your perspective has shifted. You made a habit attractive by truly understanding the things you crave along with any activity.

More Examples

  • You enjoy reading because its the time where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in peace
  • You enjoy making a daily schedule because you can write down your own creative template in your journal
  • You enjoy cleaning because it gives your room the aesthetic you crave.

Change the way you view your habits, and following through with them will be much easier

Write Down Your Goals / Schedule Your Day

Writing things down holds you accountable, and it also eliminates decisions. The task of making a decision is extremely difficult on our brain function, and when it comes to making hard decisions, you don’t want to wait till you are embedded in the moment to decide.

By writing down your day, you tell your mind that these times are non-negotiable for getting things done. It almost becomes part of a game. “I am going to write this down now so when I come to the task I have no way out, I have to do what I said I was going to do”.

Also, writing things down reminds you of things you normally would forget. We sometimes forget the small things we need to do, and next thing you know it’s a week later and we just realize. Writing it down allows you to see it visually every day, and you are less likely to unconsciously push it off until a further date.

Create Schedule Times For Technology Use/Downtime

Technology can be the biggest time waste, and the scary thing is we don’t even realize it. Before we know it, we have spent hours on instagram, TikTok, and twitter, and it seems too late to get anything done.

The most powerful thing you can do for your productivity is program your technology use, and follow those times throughout the day. Make sure your loved one’s know that during those hours you won’t be available, put your phone in a separate room, and go to work.

This has helped me become productive, but also allowed me to use my social media more productively. Instead of feeling guilty about surfing the web I could feel that I earned that time, and no matter how deep I went it was totally warranted. I found myself learning a ton more from social media, getting deeper into interesting topics, and knowing I wasn’t taking away from my productivity.

Create A Clean Workspace / Or Choose A New Location

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, and that will always be true. Think of distractions, and think of how much extra time it may take to find things you need to get a task done. Plus, and organized work space is attractive, which makes you want to sit down and create amazing things.

Organize your workspace the night before, and fill it with the things you want to do the next day.

Heres a list of things I need to do everyday, next to a list of things I leave on an organized desk.

  • Write down my goals for the day
  • Read
  • Social Media Content
  • Write For My Newsletter
  • My Journal
  • Book I am Currently Reading/Book Shelf
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Laptop and Sticky Notes For Interesting Quotes

These are the only things I allow on my desk. It helps to make a list, and only let those objects you need to get done on your desk.

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