Why Motivation is Misleading

The Initial Spark is Fake

We all have done it before. We have waited for that spark to kick in to do the things we need to do. When you sit back and think about it, how many times has an initial spark occurred and caused you to cross of your daunting to-do list?

If I had to guess, not many.

Yes, sometimes we get a spark (from a video or other source) but the action never tends to last. The instant spark doesn’t last long enough to accomplish major goals. So how do we accomplish goals that take a significant amount of effort, time, and discipline.

Set a Big Goal, Then Forget About It

Yes, you read that right. Forget about your major goal.

Use the big goal as direction, but once you know where you need to go don’t even think about it.

Big goals are daunting and even terrifying if you measure them up to what they actually are. However, you can delegate full focus to something which you can’t accomplish today.

So, that leads me to my next pillar.

Focus On The Small Goals of Today

What can you do today to move you even the slightest bit closer to your goals. That should be your thought process.

Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but what is in my control today to allow me to stretch closer to my goals.

We can win the day.

We can’t win the month, or even win the year, so why try to measure that. This day, and this day only, is your greatest asset. Every moment you lose can be gained back in the following moment.

Now, just string those moments together.

We Find Motivation Through The Small Wins

This is the key, and this is the way to find motivation.

The feeling of a win makes a winner who they are, so let’s rack up as many as we can.

Gain momentum, give yourself a fighting chance. You build steam with small wins, and the more they accumulate the more motivated and confident you will feel.

I beg you to try this with a goal that scares you. Measure it up, forget it, then set it up for small wins everyday. Small wins which cast a vote for achieving the goal we wish to obtain.

Before you know it, the goal will be more attainable than ever, and the next day we have will only bring us closer to accomplishing it.

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