I’m Bear Crawling A Marathon (26.2 Miles)

This is a special blog for me.

My biggest goal.

My identity.

Next fall I will be bear crawling a marathon

The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. The countless stories or justifications we scroll through as to why we cant achieve greatness. Life isn’t to be lived with limits, and beyond our doubts and fears we can discover our greatest accomplishments . The truth is, we can achieve anything our mind can visualize. I am going to be that example, for myself, and for anyone else who fights to be more than they currently perceive.

This feat will be for you and I, who strive to be more daily, and wish to achieve the greatest fulfillment live can offer. My potential was created no greater than yours, and we can all achieve beyond our limits.

We’ll do this journey together.

The Specifics Of The World Record

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably wondering the logistics of the world record, the time I need to beat, and how i’m going to do it.

A year ago, Devon Lévesque bear crawled a marathon in 20 hour and 48 minutes. This time remains unbeaten, and I aim on beating it. I will be mapping out a route in a location TBD, on a date TBD, and I will be raising money for a non-profit I wish to start in the future (More on that in a future blog).

However, this feat does not rely solely on a record. It holds a meaning of accomplishing something bigger than me, and changing the way people think about what they are truly capable of. No matter how long it takes me to finish, I will finish.

Reaching Further With Meaning

With that being said, Devon was a crazy example for me. His vision and passion for changing the perspective of others fueled me to dare greatly and demand the same in my community. This will always be his feat, and I will be forever grateful to write my name amongst his in those humans who pushed the barrier on preconceived human limits.

So Devon, if you’re reading this (Or when you do read this), cheers to you. You inspired a kid to imagine more than his limits, work endlessly to achieve them, and stand beside you in the line of greatness.

How To Support

If you would like to support me, simply follow along. Share what you think others can benefit from, and reach out if you would like to connect with me. This post is only the beginning of this content, and I will be mapping my journey through the entire process.

Also, I will begin the process of the non-profit foundation in the months to come. So follow along for that cause, it is going to be an amazing one in which I look to push the limits of others, and aid them in discovering their fullest potential.

I won’t be the last, there will be others to come.

That is why I do what I do. Together we will grow. Together we will set new limits.

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