3 Necessities for life – From a Stranger I Met At A Local Football Field

The Back Story

As most of you know by now, I am training to bear crawl a marathon, so this leaves me alone at a football field almost every morning. Doing countless laps on laps. However, on this particular morning I wasn’t the only one there. I shared it with a man who was a stranger at the time, but now I can consider him a friend.

Between laps when I was refueling and rehydrating, this man walked over to me and we began conversing. Without me explaining what I was doing, and what I was doing it for, he told me how inspiring it was to watch me bear crawl around the field.

His words were so encouraging, and I didn’t even realize how powerful it could be to simply share a kind word with someone who seems to be doing okay. He didn’t need to approach me, he could have justified that I was in the zone and he didn’t want to interrupt me, but he didn’t hold back from the kindness he could potentially spur onto me.

As we continued talking about my goal and vision for the passion I have for helping others find their potential, he left me with three necessities for a fulfilling life, and I want to share them with you

Rick’s 3 Pillars to Live By

1. Always have something to look forward to

2. Always have someone/something that inspires you

3. Always have someone/something that motivates you

As someone who constantly studies what it takes to lead a meaningful life, the simplicity of Ricks advice really hit home with me. It made me realize that life isn’t about all of the extra things we wish to possess, sometimes it can be as simple as having something to look forward to. Understanding that if we have something to look forward to, someone that inspires us, and something that motivates us, we are damn lucky to have those things. Life doesn’t have to be complicated, sometimes it can be as simple as having someone who inspires you.

That is what I wish to be, and that is what Rick was to me on that day.

A Deeper Lesson

I didn’t even know how much I needed this lesson from Rick before this day, but now I understand that this can be the same for most of us. Most of us are doing good, but unexpected words from others could create a spark which illuminates into something greater.

The lesson I think we can all gather from this moment is this – Never refrain from spreading some form of kindness, if you admire something about someone, tell them. We all have our own motivations, but outside voices play a more powerful part than most of us would like to admit. Don’t shy away from an opportunity to tell someone you appreciate their work. It is way simpler to change a life than you think, sometimes all it takes is a couple words to change the course of someones day, or even someones life.

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