My Retirement Speech

If you’re looking for a fun activity to guide your priorities for the future, I believe you can really enjoy this one.

Before we start, I want to address something. As someone who constantly studies human behavior and life fulfillment, I hear a lot about the negatives of looking into the future. Yes, we should live into the now, but there is a time and place for dreaming, and looking into your future. In order to get where we want to go, we must first KNOW where we want to go. Looking into the future, even planning that future, is a great way to understand the things we must do in the current moment.

So here’s my advice. You can live in the future, but don’t stay there for long. Only look into the future when you are lost on what to do in the current moment. It can be very powerful, so use it, but make sure you use it wisely.

The future depends on what we do in the present

Mahatma gandhi

The Speech

Working alongside James has been nothing short of inspiring. Through the energy he pours into other people, the vision he sees for himself, and the vision he instills in other people has been truly powerful and amazing. It is often hard to find humans who touch every corner of their life with an energy that is unmatchable, but James seemed to make it look effortless. 

Not only did he hold great energy, but he instigated enormous energy into others by pushing himself past limits most believe to be impossible. James always chased something that was bigger than him, whether it was bear crawling a marathon, running ultra marathons, (and all the other challenges I haven’t thought of yet). The amazing thing is, James did every feat to prove to others that they too can achieve things they think are impossible. James resisted comfort daily, always chose the hard road, and lived with passion just so he can pave a way for others that they may not have had if he failed to grow himself further. He is the true definition of a selfless and inspiring person, who wants to see others succeed over his own.

Lastly, James was one of the brightest minds I have ever come across, and his genius has allowed so many people to prosper further in business, life, and every endeavor they have achieved. I like to refer to James as the missing piece to any puzzle, and there is not one person he could not help because he has lived his life to such extremes. He is the best example of greatness you can find, but more importantly, he never became comfortable with that fact. If there was more life to be lived he would be pushing his limits even further.

That’s why this speech will never be a retirement speech, it is more like an update on James’ life before more crazy plans come where he will redefine human limits again, while he also takes the limits of others with him. So, wherever James’ next journey is, we know he will touch it to the best of his ability, and never stop hustling, For himself or other people. 

How This Influences My Decisions In The Present

It becomes clear through this speech who I want to become, and the person I can visualize whenever I’m confronted with a difficult decision. Because of this speech, and because of this “imaginary” person in this speech, I now know the exact person I am going to create in the future. Now, there are no unconscious decisions, only decisions between becoming that “imaginary” person, or eventually one day becoming disappointed he never existed.

The choice is, and always will be yours. You decide who you want to create.

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