What Being A Brother Means To Me

Brother: A person who is there when you need him, someone who picks you up when you fall, a person who sticks up for you when no one else will, a brother is always a friend


The Deeper Meaning

It means choosing the hard road not because it helps you grow, but because you want your brother to know there is no other option to finding meaningful success.

It means staying when you want to quit, because you lead the example of finishing what you started.

It means leading by example, practicing the values you preach, and showing up for the people around you without question.

And at the very least, it means being there for whatever path they choose, picking them up when they fall, but always holding them accountable.

The Realization

As my baseball career came to an end I had a lot of time to reflect on the meaning of the career I was leaving behind. I came to realize it was never about the statistics, it was never about the school, and it was never about the image. It was always about continuing to prove to my little brother that a goal he has is possible. That it could be done.

I could leave baseball happy if along the way I helped my brother see that by giving his all, choosing the hard path, and being resilient, his dream could too be realized.

This realization didn’t finish with baseball. It continues to be a reminder in the way that I will live my life.

Continuing to Leading By Example

As I move through life I keep this lesson close, and it’s something I refer back to every single day. I live each day to prove to him that no door is closed if you choose to run through it. You pick your way, but you realize your goals through action and commitment.

Along with him, I use others to encourage me to lead a life of discipline and dedication. Yes, a lot of days suck and are filled with things I would rather push off – but nothing would suck as bad as proving to my brother that folding on your goals is an option. Or lead an example that I don’t believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I choose to believe in myself, not because it helps me, but because one day it will eventually help him.

If I want him to practice certain values in his own life, why would I lead an example and not live my life in the same way?

What I Want You to Take From This

Even if you don’t want it for yourself, think about the people who you want it for. Are you leading a life thats an example of how you want them to proceed? If not, live for them, hustle for them.

What people encourage you? What people do you show up for when you don’t want to show up for yourself? Constantly remind yourself.

If you are as lucky as I am, and you have people in your life you can be a role model to, understand the power you hold within you. You can change that persons life without even saying a word. Don’t miss the chance, it is without a doubt one of the most rewarding opportunities in the world.

Never Stop Hustling

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