How I lost 30 Pounds and Harnessed My Life Back

At one point I was 190 pounds, unhappy with where I was at in life, and looking to make a change. I vividly remember the point in time where I wanted to change things around. My body just felt terrible and my mind wanted to separate from it.

Down below I am going to share both fitness and mindset advice which I acquired along my journey. I hope that if you are in the same position I once was, you can use some or all of these tips to make your journey a little better.

Also, if there is any way I can assist you in your journey do not hesitate to reach out. I love to connect with people and I would be more than happy to chat with my. My info is on my contact page and you can use it to get in touch with me!

Fitness and Nutrition Advice

  • Be in a Calorie Deficit
    1. If you are looking to lose both weight and fat you need to be in a caloric deficit. You don’t need any fancy HIIT workouts or hours upon hours of cardio, all you need to do is burn more calories that you consume. Begin to track the things that you eat, be conscious of the calories you currently consume, and begin to look for avenues where you can cut calories back slowly. Remember this is a long game, and lifestyle change, there is no quick solution to gain the results you want.
  • Eat Low Calorie Dense Foods!
    • Going off the point above, if you eat more than you burn than you gain weight. So a powerful move to make would be consuming massive amounts of foods which are LOW in calorie. If the majority of your meals are filled with protein, you should be able to drastically reduce your overall calories consumed. Fill your plate with the good stuff, remove some of the higher calorie stuff, and you will immediately start to see results.
  • Grocery Shop When Your Full
    • You can beat the instinct to buy processed foods if you shop on a full stomach. When you shop hungry you are tempted to buy all of the delicious foods instead of the greens and protein which will inevitably help you lose fat. Its a simple trick, but going to the grocery store after you have eaten a meal really does work wonders.
    • Im not a nutrition expert, so I have nothing to gain from selling you my healthy meal plans, so heres the truth. It’s not really a cheat meal if you are eating at or below your maintenance calories. To a body builder I may sound like an idiot, but this blog is not for them. It’s for the both of us who like to enjoy the fine things life has to offer. You can eat McDonald’s and lose weight. It is extremely difficult because its so calorie dense, but if you stay around your daily calories you’ll be perfectly fine.
  • Find Balance (View Calories as a week, not a day)
    • If you go over calories one day, it’s not the end of the world. You can make up for it the following day and eat a little less than you did previously. As long as you eat a small number under your total calories for the week, you should slowly and healthily lose weight. View the bigger picture (Week), and give yourself more room for error (Day).

Mindset Advice

  • Surround yourself with individuals who have a common goal, or support you in your goal
    • I was fortunate enough to share a similar goal with one of my best friends and we held each other accountable. You can never underestimate the power of connection through doing something challenging, so finding someone to hold you accountable is KEY. You can talk when things get tough, lean on them when you want to give in, and also feel good by holding them accountable.
  • Post reminders all around the house to inspire you to move forward
    • I used sticky notes of my favorite quotes and sayings where I could easily see them all around the house. This had me feeling motivated at such random times in the day and really gave me jolts of energy when I needed them most. Days will feel long, so this is a great way to trick your mind into pushing through the day.
  • Buy a journal, practice gratitude, and write down your most prominent thoughts
    • This is a great practice for every day life, but it is also great to help keep you accountable to your new lifestyle. We have already come to terms with the fact that its going to be difficult, so we should prepare with a place to sort our thoughts. Whenever I would have a bad day, or do something that didn’t align with my ideal habits, I would go to my journal and write down how I felt about it. This helped me leave my mistakes on paper, pick myself up, and keep moving forward with the healthy and balanced lifestyle I was trying to create.
  • Write down the exact person you wish to be, a list of all the things they would do, and check it every morning
    • Staying committed to a lifestyle which has been foreign to your current one is extremely difficult. Drawing an image of the person you can be in your own head and in your journal is one of the best things you could potentially do. This will come in handy when you feel your urge to break your new habits is strong, it will center you and remind you of the vision.

Last Tip

  • REMEMBER: This is a lifestyle change, and you are going to have off days. This isn’t a race, you are finding alternatives with foods that will allow you to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Everyone who looks the part still has bad days, we just reduce the amount of time between bad days and great ones. It’s a seesaw so don’t let a bad day cause a bad week. Shoot for as many good days as possible and you will see results.

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