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How I lost 30 Pounds and Harnessed My Life Back

At one point I was 190 pounds, unhappy with where I was at in life, and looking to make a change. I vividly remember the point in time where I wanted to change things around. My body just felt terrible and my mind wanted to separate from it.

Down below I am going to share both fitness and mindset advice which I acquired along my journey. I hope that if you are in the same position I once was, you can use some or all of these tips to make your journey a little better.

Also, if there is any way I can assist you in your journey do not hesitate to reach out. I love to connect with people and I would be more than happy to chat with my. My info is on my contact page and you can use it to get in touch with me!

Fitness and Nutrition Advice

Mindset Advice

Last Tip

Never Stop Hustling

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