The Immortal Finish Line

Life is a series of false peaks, each one seeming more important than the last. We chase individual goals believing they will be the key to eternal happiness; we fall into cycles of pursuit, achievement, and then emptiness. The cycle continues far past accomplishing the thing that was supposed to make us happy.

Books tell us to fall in love with the process, but we struggle to remove the dreamer inside us which continues to strive for more. We feel defeated and ungrateful, but there is a way around this.

The good news is that we don’t need to remove that dreamer inside, and we certainly don’t need to stop chasing once we reach the false peaks. All we need to do is fix our approach to life, and the best way to do that is by tricking your mind into embracing the immortal finish line.

Defining Immortal Finish Line

im·mor·tal / i(m)ˈmôrdl/ –


living forever; never dying or decaying.

fin·ish line


a line marking the end of a race.

Immortal Finish Line – The finish line that never actually arrives. It is one that lives on forever, the one that we chase, but never end up reaching

Yes, it contradictory, but it can turn into a massive advantage.

In order to embrace it you must work against your mind.

Let me show you how.

Trick Your Mind

Embracing the immortal finish line is deceiving because it takes two opposite perspectives and uses them against each other. We take the dreamer mentality which continuously chases the next best thing, but during the process we maintain the realistic mentality where we know the goal will never serve us eternal happiness.

Life has no rules, we can make them as we please, so why should we choose a perspective when we can consciously implement both at different times?

In the recognition stage of a goal we can ride the bolt of energy that comes envisioning the happiness it will bring us, as we approach this goal we can remain humble knowing shortly around the corner of accomplishment is another goal which is filled with the same amount of enthusiasm.

We need the enthusiasm and excitement to get us started, but we must know all goals are a time stamp on the immortal finish line. We can’t reach eternal happiness through goals but we should approach every one believing it is going to give us the key to life.

Only once we admit this realization can we be fully happy in our pursuits, but enjoy the ever so false fantasies of eternal happiness ensued by the accomplishment of a temporary goal.

Now from the previous process of goal achievement – pursuit, achievement, and then emptiness, we now switch to pursuit, achievement, remembrance of the immortal finish line, then back to the high of the other goal. We remove emptiness because no matter who we become we know we are always chasing something.

Happiness isn’t the goal were chasing, its the process of chasing something more than us.

If we can learn when to pull out different perspectives we can use the things which normally break most as something that will only help us grow larger.

Be the false dreamer that believes in happiness is a destination, but hustle after every goal understanding your happiness destination will never arrive. Only then will you unanimously choose the process over product. You then choose happiness in the moment.

Life is a completion of tallied goals that we accumulate between two dates. How many will you mark down before your time is called?

How many will you tally up in pursuit of your immortal finish line?

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