Imposter Syndrome

Life Comes At You Fast

This past weekend I took a little hiatus, I slowed down and enjoyed the company of some friends. I decided to do this over numerous reasons, but one of them being the feeling of imposter syndrome. I wanted to take some time to remember where i’ve come from, and how important it is to keep moving and inspire those around me. This step back was exactly what I needed to propel me further, but the feeling of imposter syndrome is what I want to share with you.

So, lets dive in.

Defining Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is the feeling that you don’t belong. It feels like you are in a body thats receiving an abundance of great things but you quite simply don’t deserve them. It comes from a newly found desire to seek discomfort, and the levels of things you are perceiving are uncharted territory for you. You haven’t opened yourself up for so much good before, so when you do, you can’t help but feel you don’t deserve it. However, the truth is you deserve all of the good that life is currently bringing you and you need to use it for the better.

This feeling is completely new to me. I have never pushed myself out of my comfort zone so much but it has brought me some incredible and tremendous things. So, here I am writing about it to show you, the reader, that I go through the same things as you. I just choose to put it out there so people can learn and advance from my personal experiences. This is me selfishly sorting through my thoughts, but also my best attempt at helping you through the feeling of imposter syndrome.

Here’s how its poking through in my own life.

Imposter Syndromes Presence In My Life

I’ve recently seen a growth of interaction through my instagram platform. I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with several new people who are interested in my mission and want to support. This leads me to imposter syndrome because the people who I’ve connected with are people whom produce work I’ve admired in the past (and still currently admire). I have become one of them, but I feel like I don’t belong.

My newsletter has hit a number of subscribers I never thought would want to consume my content. Each week I get to write to a number of people that is beyond fathomable to me. Imposter syndrome hits because I remember the days receiving newsletters and wondering how amazing it would be to write one. How could I deserve such an amazing opportunitny to inspire and connect.

I am going on my first podcast, AND IT’S THE SAME PODCAST I LISTENED TO WHEN I WAS WORKING ON BECOMING THE MAN I AM TODAY. Yes, you can probably already see where the imposter syndrome is coming from. It’s so hard to feel like I belong, but I did the work and I deserve to reap what I’ve sown.

The list goes on and on, but heres the point.

Why I’m Choosing to Reflect and Embrace

I chose to write this blog and reflect because it would allow me to find the route of my imposter syndrome.

The route is this…….


I didn’t believe in my content and story enough to think I would ever stand myself next to the people I admired so much. I chose to reflect and embrace, because moving forward I want to feel like I belong, and if I was able to get it to this point then I damn sure belong. I’m just getting started.

I never saw myself as the person to deserve this, but I do, and I earned every single inch of it. I’m embracing it because it is going to allow me to move forward and touch more lives. It’s going to allow me to build lasting relationships with the people i’ve admired, collaborate with them, and share positivity that each person in this world deserves.

So, if you feel like you don’t currently belong, or feel like you shouldn’t start because you don’t deserve it, IGNORE THAT VOICE. All that means is that’s the direction you should move forward in, and whatever is down that path is worth pursuing.

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