“Never Stop Hustling” Vs. Hustle Culture

As many of you know by now, I have a brand labeled “Never Stop Hustling”. I adopted these words from my grandfather who wrote it them to me in a note many years back, and I still hold it close to me every single day. These words may seem TOO fitting for the lifestyle I live now. I’m a driven individual, working to accomplish something that hasn’t been done before, I work till 9pm training clients, write a newsletter, blog, and maintain a brand on social media, but it all has nothing to do with hustle culture.

As a fitness individual, many people see me as a “go getter”. Someone who stops at nothing to achieve their goals, but this blog is dedicated to showing you it’s more than that. The hustle is not just about work, it’s about the play and the separation between the two, while maintaining a hustle mindset. I carry this approach into every single area of my life, and I truly believe you can do the same.

Hustle Culture

Before we dive into my “Hustle”, I think it’s crucial that we dive into the societal definition of hustle culture.

Personally, when someone says hustle culture, the first thing that comes into my mind is a man who comes home from work, opens his laptop, ignores his family, continues work from the office, and fails to open his eyes to the beautiful family which he has worked so hard to create.

Hustle culture prioritizes work over anything else in life. It’s a lifestyle that chooses no disconnect between work and play. At all times you must be giving maximum capacity and focus to work. There is little time for family, friends, sporting events, concerts, or anything else that allows you to recharge from the stressful work life. There is no turn off.

You are literally in constant go mode. An extension of your desk at work.

If that scares you, it should. Too many people live life with the idea that the process above works, or worse, there is no other way to be successful. I’m here to tell you it’s not.

You can adopt a hustle mindset while allowing yourself to turn off from work. You can play just as hard as you work, and get even more done when you return back to that “go getter” mode in your work life.

Let me show you how.

Never Stop Hustling

Sometimes I can be somewhat of an anxious person. I’m always worrying if I am doing enough, working hard enough, or maximizing my potential, but I could no longer sustain those worries. I had to put certain things into perspective, and that is where the meaning of Never Stop Hustling was born.

To me, Never Stop Hustling means that every aspect of our lives is equally important. We have designated times in our day that we need to tend to, and not one area of our life deserves our sole focus and attention.

Never Stop Hustling means that sometimes we do need to slow down to speed up. If we live in constant go mode we will never be able to pivot, make adjustments, and create valuable work. We can miss opportunity if we work too hard.

Never Stop Hustling means that we need to hustle and give our all to our family, friends, and leisures because they provide us the mental clarity and bandwidth to tackle obstacles in work which matter so much to us.

Never Stop Hustling means we need to remove ourselves from work so we can see the beautiful life we have created, and not be so concerned with creating more. It means there is no finish line, so we can stop working like this next achievement will bring us eternal peace.

Never Stop Hustling means that we are human. We need love, family, leisure, and work to be fulfilled. We can do anything but we can not do everything. We need our time to step back, recharge, and put our energy into other things.

More importantly, we can touch every area intentionally while fully enjoying the present moment.

More Truth

I won’t lie and say I never practiced the hustle culture mindset before in my own life, and I still do from time to time. However, I realized that when I choose to work this way I don’t provide the same value to my work. I actually perform worse.

For me, play is just as important as work when it comes to getting things done. I need to separate my work and my personal life in order to give myself a break.

I will leave you with some tips to use so you can step back when you are too surrounded by work.

  1. Separate work from home
    • Ex. After 5pm, I will no longer open my laptop and I will only converse with my family.
  2. Create work periods/time schedule
    • Tell yourself you will only worry about certain activities in the time slots you allotted. It will allow you to get more done with constraints and also remove you from continuous lingering thoughts.
  3. Remember your goals/Create goals for all areas of your life. (Yes, even leisure and downtime)
    • Ex. I will call one family member/friend a day
  4. Embrace the Immortal Finish line
    • Remember, the goal you are working towards will be followed by another one (Probably bigger), so don’t forget you need to learn how to enjoy the process
  5. Journal
    • Remember, none of this is easy. It is always a work in progress and you need to constantly monitor your efforts. See whats working, how you feel, and keep changing accordingly.

Lastly, I hope this blog gave you some good insights and value to use in your own life. If you want to connect with me about this topic feel free to reach out to me on any platform. I’d love to chat with you and create the hustle mindset together.

Never Stop Hustling

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  1. Great post James! Understanding what hustling should mean is important for many men out there. You have some great strategies to implement this. Journalling is my go to to keep me on track.

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