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My life journey over the past 9 months has been quite an interesting one. It’s been filled with a lot of trial, error, failure, and lessons learned, but through a ton of discipline, I’ve been able to develop a morning routine that continues to propel me in a successful direction.

I had to write this blog because I knew something was missing from my content. Each week I attempt to provide you with some form of valuable information, but I couldn’t help but feel that some major value was missing.

That missing piece was my morning routine.

This blog is going to tell you the personal benefits I have seen from a strong morning routine, break down my own personal morning routine, and the must haves that I think you should adopt into yours.

Why You Should Have a Morning Routine

If I had to look back on my journey and accredit my large personal success to one area, it would 100% go to my morning routine. For some reason, the feeling of waking before most people gave me a rush of energy that was indescribable. I couldn’t help but feel like I had a purpose in this world, and that the growth work I was doing was almost secretive. It literally made me feel like I had a cheat code for happiness, one that almost no-one was using. I felt successful without any results to show for it.

That same feeling slowly began to creep into my nights. I was excited to go to bed knowing I had a powerful, intentional morning routine waiting for me. I had no problem fighting my alarm clock, most times I would wake up before it.

The morning routine will keep you accountable, help you feel productive, and have you excited to wake up in the morning when it’s a struggle for most people.

Lastly, the morning should be a time where you can gather your thoughts, spend time on yourself, and prepare for the work ahead that is uncertain in what it will bring.

You need some certainty in your morning to deal with an uncertain world.

The Measurable Benefits Of a Morning Routine

The biggest benefit of a morning routine is the structure it provides.

Having a set plan, along with times for execution will leave no question marks for when the morning arises. Without set pillars or a plan for the morning, you will find a lack of structure, which then leads to a failure in execution.

Since we are on the topic of execution, you will see a massive increase in your daily, monthly, and yearly output in any area you dedicate minutes to in your morning routine. Now, there are many reasons you will produce more and I am going to list some for you.

  • More hours in the day
    • Statistically speaking, waking up early and setting solid time blocks for anything will amount to more time over a given year. As it relates to a day, you are probably getting an hour more of work done than you normally would. For me, I actually began to get more work done in the morning than I did in two days.
  • Less stress, no rush
    • Getting a routine allowed me to understand how much time I actually needed to balance myself for the day. Once I got it established, I never had to worry about making the time because I knew how much I needed. If I had to be somewhere at 9, I needed to wake up at least two hours before to get a maximal routine in.

My Morning Routine

My routine changes often. I think its important to keep things new and fresh, so here is my current morning routine that i’ve been using for the last couple of weeks

  • 5:45am – Wake up
    • My morning routine actually starts at 6am, but I like to give myself some buffer room to make my morning coffee, drink my BPN Supps Strong greens, reds, and creatine so I can rehydrate from the night before
  • 6:00am – Guided Prayer/Meditation
    • This is something that has been quite new to me, but something I have been leaning into more as my day to day has become hectic. Religion was not something prominent in my early life, but as I have come to seek more risk for success, it has been nice to have a higher power to lean on. If you are not religious, guided meditations are a great way to start your morning, center your mind, and feel grateful for everything you already have in your life. It’s a great way to find stillness
  • 6:15am – Gratitude/Journal
    • Now, this has been, and always will be a staple in my morning routine. Every day for the past 9 months I have journaled, and the results are indescribable. My journaling may consists of different things, but every day I write down three things I am grateful for, some affirmations to my future goals, and some motivation to what achieving my goals will feel like.
  • 6:30am – Visualization
    • This has been another completely new task for me, one which I am finding extremely difficult, but I know it is totally necessary to achieving maximal outcomes. I use this time to visualize my goal of bear crawling an ultra marathon. I watch videos of the course I will be doing, and then I spend time closing my eyes visualizing exactly how each moment will feel, look, smell, everything. I spend time living in the moment before it is even real. I will achieve this goal 330 more times before achieving it in real life.
  • 7:00am – Read
    • To be completely transparent, I’ve been experiencing so much insight in my day to day life that I have had so much trouble implementing any additional information into my life, so reading has been quite slow. However, reading will always have a place in my morning routine, whether I choose to do it or not. 30 minutes of reading allows me to spark new ideas, feel inspired, and look for insight to elevate specific areas of my life.
  • 7:30am-8:30am – Writing
    • Keeping up with a blog, newsletter, instagram, and twitter, I have plenty of things to write about each week. So every morning I spend an hour writing on different topics I have been experiencing in my life. This is my favorite time in my morning routine because it really allows me to understand what has been going on in my life, and it gives me the chance to analyze my perspective on different troubles or opportunities. Writing keeps me in check with my thoughts, but more importantly, it keeps me in check with my actions because it gives me a first hand view of how I am choosing to show up in my everyday life. Writing is my accountability partner.

The Morning Must Haves

I understand that many of us may not have the luxury of 2 hours for a morning routine, as to which I would say you can wake up earlier, but I am going to give you the ones I think everyone should make time for. Even spending as little as 5 minutes to any of those 5 pillars would create leaps and bounds in your life, but at the bare minimum here is what you should incorporate.

  • Prayer/Meditation
  • Gratitude/Journaling
  • Reading

If I ever find myself in a hurry, I will try to spend at least 5-10 minutes on each of these three, because I know how important they really are. You should always be willing to make time for yourself, and by having three pillars for gratitude and growth, you will significantly impact the quality of your life in a short amount of time.

I hope this blog inspired you to implement some form of routine into your morning. I promise you will see tremendous benefits when you start to make the time for yourself, and you will eventually want to spend more time doing it – I spend two hours and I wish I had more. So, don’t be afraid to implement change. Take it one pillar at a time, and before you know, it you’ll be living all five.

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