Learn From My Mistakes: My Biggest Lessons From 2021

For the past year I’ve been keeping a consistent daily journal where I write down basically every thought. These journals consist of business ideas, personal philosophies, defining moments, and goals I have set for myself in the future.

Recently, I sat down for a total of three hours, went through every single journal entry, and wrote down reoccurring lessons from the past year. I wanted to put all of my lessons in one place for many reasons, but for the most important reason being I believe it can be of value to you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and breakdown my biggest lessons from 2021.

The 2021 Lessons

Your gift is not your skill, it’s your ability to seek challenge and keep learning/growing.

What separates those who achieve their goals versus those who don’t? In my opinion, it comes down to one thing – commitment through struggle. Can you maintain your commitment when you are going through difficult times? Times of failure? If not, it doesn’t matter how much skill you have. The individual who thrives is the one who can follow the necessary steps even when they are gaining nothing, or perhaps struggling. The individuals who are committed to creating a life long process, not a life long result, will be the ones who reach the pinnacle of their endeavors. Skill plays a much smaller portion than we think. Find your process, and constantly evaluate it.

There is no “Perfect” time to start living the life you want to live.

We all want to hear that the perfect moment exists. That one day we will wake up and feel ready to start. I am here to tell you…. it doesn’t exist. You don’t need a plan, you don’t need to have all the knowledge, all you need to know is that you are making the decision to start. Want to start a business? You don’t need a business plan, you just need an idea and the drive to start it. You’ll learn as you go, but don’t use time, money, and knowledge as an excuse to not pursue your dreams. It has been done with less, and you can do the same, all you have to do is make the decision to start.

Action leads to insight more often than insight leads to action.

I decided to build a second lesson off of the one above, and this one is just as important. We will learn more by the things we do, rather than the things we don’t do. By jumping into the life you want, you are going to learn how to make it work. There is no better teacher than experience, and shying away waiting for the perfect moment is only holding you back from those insights. Your main goal should be to take action, not try to learn everything before you act.

Who cares what people think. Doing what you love will attract the right people.

A lesson that we’ve all heard 1,000 times, but one that is the hardest to live by. This year was truly monumental for me in terms of the way let the perspective of others affect me. I hardly care at all, or at least I developed the tools to not care. How did I do that? I continued to put myself in uncomfortable scenarios regardless of the potential feedback I would get. I came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t avoid it, so I really had no option. I’d rather attempt to achieve my goals than regret not pursuing them due to the fear of others opinions. Now, I do still care what people think, but not nearly enough to hold back on my own dreams. If you want your goals bad enough, I am not saying it will be easy, but you will learn to move forward and care less about peoples opinions.

Leadership has nothing to do with results, but everything to do with the way you live your life.

I have always prided myself on being a leader, but I struggled with the meaning towards the final years of my baseball career. Usually when you think of a leader, you think of someone who has massive amounts of skill. In baseball, I had anything but a large amount of skill. It was hard to understand that a leader doesn’t need skill, but more people will look towards the way you live your life, rather than the accolades that you collect during your life. To be a leader, you just need to live your life according to your values, stick to them, and be willing to spread your message. It doesn’t have to look fancy, just live your life the way you believe, and you’ll be a leader.

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

You are only human. It can be easy to get lost in the thought that we can do anything we put our minds too, and we indeed can, but we can’t do several high effort tasks simultaneously. I’ve had a lot on my plate, and I tried juggling each task when I started, but I had to delegate certain things to other people. Now, I am not saying you need to hire employees, but understand that you can give yourself some grace with a lot on your plate. You can only produce extreme high quality work in one area at a time, so forgive yourself, and take your time. Do one great thing at a time rather than a million decent things.

Routine is meant to make life easier, not run you into the ground.

Routines are necessary to produce quality results, but a routine should not dictate your life. Routines are great, but they do not need to stick every single day. There was a lot of times during the year I planned my weeks for maximum effort, a lot of tasks, and no breaks, but by the end of the week, I couldn’t keep up with it all – I was drained. I had to find different routines, and sometimes even abandon routines to stay on task. Sometimes you need to subtract tasks to add more value, so if your routine is getting a little too intense, sometimes it’s okay to modify it, or even get rid of it for a little. They key here is just be willing to adjust. It’s okay to get rid of a routine.

When one person see’s a problem, someone else see’s an opportunity.

The beauty of perspective, and probably my second hardest lesson. During tough situations in relationships, training, and business, I found myself hounding on the problems I was facing, not the opportunity to find a solution. I should have been more focused on creating solutions to problems, excited that I was able to problem solve, rather than dwell on my small inconveniences. Now, I am not saying you can’t complain, sometimes it’s good for us to do so, but never let complaining get in the way of moving towards a solution. Use problems as opportunities for solutions and you can become a weapon in your own life.

I hope this blog provided you some massive value, and I hope my mistakes can help you jump start your personal growth endeavors in the future. However, don’t just take my word for it, go experience these lessons yourself. You’ll be so happy you did.

I wish everyone the best year ahead. A year full of countless goals crossed off, and a healthy self, as well as healthy loved ones. As always, I am here for each and every one of you. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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  1. These are some lovely insights. I particularly agree that there’s no perfect time to do anything. In fact, perfect doesn’t exist. Anyway, I enjoyed this post. Keep on keeping on!

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