Im Going Monk Mode for 60 Days

A couple days ago, my good friend Tyler Leclerc (Click his name and check him out, the kid is next level), approached me with the idea of going “Monk Mode”. To start off, I had a similar reaction as I’m assuming most of you had – “What in the world is monk mode? and for 60 days?”. Now, some of you may know what monk mode is, but for those of you who don’t, I think you will genuinely enjoy this blog. The following content is solely dedicated to giving you the details of monk mode, incase like myself and Tyler, you wish to join us on this journey of intense focus towards achieving our ambitious goals.

The Days of a Distracted World

In the days of booming social media the average attention span of human beings is something like 7 seconds. It is quite literally impossible to get some people to stick around with something for longer than that, and not only has it made my job harder as a content creator trying to grab an audiences attention, it has become harder for me as an entrepreneur to sit down for elongated periods of time and complete deep work on some cognitively demanding tasks.

One of my goals as an online mindset and strength coach is to create an environment (The Hustle Athletic Club) where individuals can come to be themselves, be surrounded by zero ego, and work in a world of endless connections in pursuing the things they really desire. I want to create a learning environment that promotes growth instead of pretending to have the answers. If you have ever been in a leadership position, maybe with a sports team, or even at your place of work, you may understand how hard it can be to communicate and create community amongst the people you wish to serve.

I have reached a point where I feel I’m on the brink of creating something that will impact a lot of people; something that will create a place for people to let their guard down and become true masters of their craft. I am not willing to let distractions get in the way of my goals. So, with that being said, welcome to my world for the next 60 days.

Welcome to my Monk Mode

As I have already mentioned, Monk Mode is a set period of time where we can intentionally engage in periods of focus where we set rules to eliminate the excess junk from the outside world. The person who is successful is the one who understand that you don’t achieve success unless you can eliminate all distractions. With Monk Mode, we can intentionally set rules to keep us away from distractions – here are my rules.

  1. No phone interaction after 9:30pm, and I’m not allowed to touch my phone until 9am the following day. 
  2. All phone notifications are turned off and do not disturb is always on.
  3. I must finish my morning routine by 7am (Includes 10 minute meditation, journaling, and reading)
  4. I must post 3-4 reels per week, 1 blog per week, as well as 1 TikTok per day 
  5. 20 Minutes outside daily 

My goals are to provide extreme value as a creator, and create a space for people to work with me towards achieving any goal they have for themselves. Through these set rules I am eliminating the one distraction that consumes a majority of my time – social media. I am choosing to ignore notifications and only focus on creating rather than consuming. I will be following these rules on a 2 month on: 1 month off schedule (60 days on, 30 days off), and I will be switching the rules depending on the goals of focus for that month. This month just happens to be business and social media, which I’m guessing will always have a place of focus in my monk modes.

However, if you want to adopt Monk Mode into your routine, there are some non-negotiable that must be included. I am going to list them for you below.

Monk Mode Non-Negotiables

The goal is to eliminate distractions, and as we covered in the above topic of the distracted world, social media is the killer of productivity and creativity (Funny right). With that being said, you must refrain from your phone a minimum of 1 hour before bed, and a minimum of 1 hour after you wake up. If you want to do more, be my guest. You must also turn off all social media notifications and make sure you can visibly see your screen time on all of your devices.

Other than that you can get as creative as you’d like with Monk Mode

If you want to work on your health, add some exercises rules.

If you want to create more work, set work hour rules for yourself or deliverables that you must hit each week.

Remember, success is the ability to eliminate distractions, it has nothing to do with talent. Let this be your sign, and start creating the amount of value in your life you know you are capable of.

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  1. These are good rules, I hope monk mode empowers you, On average I avoid electronics from 10PM to 7AM, because exposure to artificial lights at night prevents melatonin production.

  2. Great post, and I’m looking forward to see what happens at the end of this phase. I myself could use some time away from screens, as I do spend too much time on them. One quick check on Facebook or Instagram and twenty minutes would have passed. Multiply that with several times a day and you have a major time waster. Wishing you all the best!

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