7 Destinations Last Month (Why You Should Travel More)

Being 23, I’ve realized the world is full of opportunity. To be quite honest, I’m extremely happy Ive been able to see the opportunities, because most people never do. They feel like a prisoner to their jobs, routines, and schedules, instead of making a decision to live a life that would really fulfill them.

Going back to the beginning of January, my goal was to travel more (Very vague I know) and it was actually a goal I didn’t think I would really dive into. Being that only a couple months ago I was working full time with in-person athletes, currently training to break a world record, and producing content every single day, I didn’t have much hope checking off the travel box in 2022.

A month later, already hitting 7 destinations, with a couple more lined up, I think its safe to say my travel goal is going to get it’s moneys worth (Especially the month I’m planning in Europe after I bear crawl 31 miles in October).

Being someone who absolutely hates flying, you probably think I would refrain from travel as much as possible. I used to despise family vacation because I was terrified to fly, but through what I learned this month, I’ll be jumping on flights all over the world soon (Extreme foreshadowing to my next challenge).

Here’s what I learned through my time traveling, and even while I maintain a busy schedule, it will continue to be a major priority on my list.

Break Routines

Most of us have our routines. We live off of them, they produce us the results that we want to see in life. They help us stay consistent towards goals, keep us accountable, and help us measure results. If you’ve followed me on Instagram, or even seen me in passing over the past 6 months, you probably learned that routine is my go to. I never deviate from my routine, but traveling taught me how beneficial it is to break your routine.

Going into the month I was nervous about my training. There were no gyms I knew, I couldn’t follow my program exactly – I was anxious about what I was supposed to do. I wouldn’t have my desktop, or the working space I normally had. I would have to work super hard to capture content, I was unfamiliar with the areas and couldn’t plan for the upcoming days.

I can sit here and now say that getting out of routine with those three pillars has advanced every single one of them. Humans don’t give themselves enough credit. We are optimized for stress, our survival instincts are second to none, and when push comes to shove we are so capable at figuring it all out.

Starting off with my training, it helped me understand I don’t need much at all to do something most people think is impossible. If I have a hardwood floor, or at least 30 feet of space, there is no excuse for me to not break this record. It relieved the anxiety I have surrounding the effectiveness of my training – I always wondered if I was doing enough. Now, I realize how lucky I am to have the high level training I take for granted.

Second, work was something I really worried about because I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my in-person clients. There was no possible way I could be in two places at one time. I had two choices, I could either stay home where it was comfortable, or travel to grow my brand. As you know by now, any chance to avoid comfort I’m all over it. I wasn’t missing out on experiences. Funny enough, I learned that I can not only survive at work, but I can thrive and provide my clients with even more value when I’m away. Not being present led me to figure out different ways to keep them happy, and that has become the start of Hustle Athletic Company – my online training and mindset businesses. No routine forced me to adapt, and it led me to create something much more beneficial for my clients.

Lastly, content is always interesting. Producing a ton of content has its struggles in itself – trying to think of video topics, filming, editing, and all that good stuff. I thought traveling would force me to pull back on social media, however, not only did my content thrive, my perspective on creating content totally changed. See, the thing about travel is that you are trying to become familiar with the area. Filming when I couldn’t plan was hard, but it got me past the hump of creating “perfect” content. I now understand that the perfect post doesn’t exist, and if you spend too much time getting the perfect shot, you’ll end up never posting. I learned to avoid this negative, and it just may be the thing to push my socials to the next level.

Interacting/Understanding People

Wherever you go the people are always going to be different from place to place. This happens when you go to the other side of your town, especially on the other side of the country. I was able to see the way different states lived, the slow lifestyle of the west coast, the need for less in the midwest, and the extremely fast paced lifestyle on the east coast. I learned a lot about myself being able to view my lifestyle from the outside.

Being from New York, I’ve realized we do everything extremely fast. We have a way of living on the east coast, an extreme sense of urgency (yes, this is a generalization. There are all types of people everywhere), but my time on the West Coast showed me the urgency isn’t always there. I gained a new perspective of my work because I understood the capacity and speed in which I’m able to produce that some people just aren’t used to producing. It truly limited my excuses and showed me that if I don’t end up where I want to be, there is nobody else to blame but me. People have done it off of more, and people have done it off of less, so there is no reason I can’t do the same

Strong Friendships/Connections

I haven’t gone to many destinations alone. Each spot I have the same few friends who I go with. Each individual in my close circle has similar goals/lifestyles we want to create within the next five years. Ive already mentioned the power of new environments and the benefits it has on your brain – now imagine putting creative, like minded people in a totally new space to come up with new ideas. It’s basically a 24 hour brainstorming session about future goals and how we plan on executing them.

Through traveling, I’ve made some connections I wouldn’t trade for the world – both new and old. I’ve built stronger relationships that will guide me in accomplishing all of my future goals, but I’ve also built new connections which will do the exact same thing. Each connection is one I hold close, because we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Traveling put me in scenarios to truly evaluate my perspective, my goals, and the plans I have to accomplish them.

Book The Trip

It will be worth it. The things you are worried about, work, training, missing out, are only an illusion. You will only learn more about yourself, trust me.

Book that trip, open your mind, go learn the things you desire and all of the ways you can accomplish them. You’ll thank yourself later.

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