9 Weeks Out

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but I need to get somewhere outside of my mind and my journal as I close out these final weeks of bear crawl training. My journal holds my daily thoughts, but since I’ll look back on this time quite frequently, I want something more tangible that the world can learn from also. So, with that being said, welcome to the final 9 weeks of my training.

This past week was a challenging one, and to be honest, it hasn’t just been this week. It seems for the past couple months my resilience level has been lower than usual. Vigorous training has worn me out, and being my own worst critic, I’ve worn myself out even more. Training to complete the worlds first bear crawl ultra marathon is hard enough, but I don’t seem to be making it any easier on myself. I guess that’s just the blessing and the curse of being someone who will complete something that’s never been done before. As difficult as it is, the only thing that will matter to me as I look back on this time is the effort I put forth into something I believe in. Many may think I’m too hard on myself, but I’m just making sure I leave this process with no regrets. That’s how I know I’ll succeed.

As I get close to the official bear crawl date, I will be getting more into depth about the individual thoughts I have, my feelings, concerns, and so much more. Documenting this process is something I’m extremely passionate about, and it seems that I have found just the perfect amount of energy to not only train like a madman, but also capture the moments so we both can live with them forever.

To start these blogs off, let’s take a look into this past weeks training schedule

Monday : 1.5 Mile Bear Crawl

Tuesday : 1.5 Mile Bear Crawl, Lift (Push), Cross Training

Wednesday : 3 Mile Bear Crawl, Lift (Pull)

Thursday : 3 Mile Bear Crawl, Lift (Legs)

Friday : Pool workout (20 min no leg swim, 20 min tread water)

Saturday : 1 Hour Cross training, 6 Mile Bear Crawl

Sunday : Rest

This was a deload week for me. Once training hits 8 weeks out, the bear crawl volume is going to be similar to that of an ultra marathon RUNNER. Yes, RUNNER. But on all fours. Nobody said it would be easy, and to be able to walk around being the only person in the world to complete a bear crawl ultra, it’s the minimum.

Oh, and I also buzzed my head. Time to lock in and reach a new level

Never Stop Hustling.

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