Combination Online Coaching


James Boria (Entrepreneur, Endurance Athlete, Content Creator)

This past October I set two world records. I became the first person to bear crawl 31 miles, and I raised over $10,000 for athlete mental health in partnership with The Hidden Opponent. My focus during this coaching program is to combine my experience/skillset together, and provide you with guidance towards achieving your largest goals. Through actionable steps, accountability, and weekly calls, we will certainly move you closer to your life goals.

Rich Gonzalez (Functional Strength Coach, Owner of Richie Gonz Fitness)

Rich was former head coach at Orange Theory for 4 years, and is now currently the owner of Richie Gonz Fitness. Rich currently trains over 30 in person athletes, and has helped over 100 people transform their physical body. Richie’s goal during this coaching program is to monitor your physical progress towards any of your chosen goals (I.e Weight loss, gaining strength, increased athletic performance, etc.) Rich will bring you a new monthly program, followed up with biweekly updates, to ensure you are gaining progress towards your fitness goals.


Once you fill out the form, one of the coaches will reach out to you.