About Me

My name is James Boria, and I am from Long Island, New York. I am a former collegiate baseball athlete who played at Franklin Pierce University, located in the Southern portion of New Hampshire. Through athletics I have built a love for fitness, mindset, and pushing past my limits.

My mission is to motivate, inspire, and support individuals to push past their limits. I am a major believer in the habits that we create, and an even bigger believer that these habits can help us achieve anything we set our mind to. I enjoy pushing myself past my limits so others can understand that they have the power to do the same. Through community, culture, and connection, I am looking to inspire others to look deep within and bring out there fullest potential.

I believe each human lives by actions and standards which can be summed up into three words. My words would be resilient, accountable, and supportive. Each decision we make is a reflection of those three words, and through whatever path that may be, my goal is to help you find yours. I wish to connect with each and every one of you, and if you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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“It is never too late to be who you might have been”

– George Eliot

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