What Others Have To Say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For anyone looking for that spark: 

James is someone that is relatable, engaging, and very motivating. His bi-weekly newsletters provide a jolt of fresh energy and give a much needed spark to an otherwise dull Monday morning. He’s very clear in his message and intentions as he promotes a positive mindset while encouraging others to test their limits and break out of their comfort zones. I have known James for over half a decade and I have seen his passion and energy for mindset coaching and how he is able to relate to different types of people all while being super genuine in his mission. I would highly recommend James’ content to anyone who is looking to break old habits, create a strong and positive mindset or anyone who just needs a little push in life. 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A few years ago our son Carmine started training with Jimmy Boria from Massapequa NY.  The experience for him has been incredible.  Carmine has played many sports  growing up and has always excelled, but because of his size he lacked core strength and coordination.  He was looking to add muscle and speed to his  6’2” – 150 lbs frame. Jimmy has always been super helpful in working with us to meet our sons needs .  His friendly personality is something that my son was immediately drawn to.. After he monitored Carmines workouts and daily activities, he not only put together a workout plan for him, but it was a personal and unique to meet  his goals .. Also, he didn’t just give my son workouts and send him on his way. Carmine got emails, text messages, and phone calls from Jimmy to check-in and make sure he was on track. He would also give him the motivational mental coaching he needed to stay focused. It wasn’t easy motivating a 16 year old boy, but the most rewarding things in life are also the most challenging. We are a few years into working with Jimmy, and the changes in my sons speed and strength are apparent.   We couldn’t be happier with the results as well as the mentoring Jimmy has provided to our son. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone that wants a healthy lifestyle change. This wasn’t a quick fix… it’s something that was earned . It’s a great lesson for my son and a great job of coaching both physically and mentally by Jimmy. !!!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

James gave me the tools to find a part of myself that I had been missing for years. After a four-year break from baseball, my weak endurance running-focused frame was too weak to hop back into proper training. Understanding the ins and outs of the sport, James was able to create an individualized lifting program, share knowledge necessary to ease my way back into things safely, and provide the support to guide me towards my goals – and meet them. We added 30 pounds in four months through detail-oriented, focused training. With the season coming up, it does not feel like I have taken any time off the field and that is all thanks to James.

The consistent support and reaching out via text message and phone calls offered so much support and clarity for the “why’s” throughout this process. He makes you feel like a friend rather than a client, which is an unmatched aspect of the training community, giving such a personal touch to everything he sent my way. I could not be happier to have worked with James for this. More importantly, I could not be happier with the results!

Thank you, James!